Pocket CSI


POCKET CSITM is a suite of a dozen applications designed to help 1st Responders be efficient in their role at a crime scene.  Upon your download of the suite you will be asked to input your agencies identification (say PPB for Portland Police Bureau or maybe PPB-OR to include Oregon).  Next you will be asked to enter your identifier, this might be the first letter of your first name and your last name, a certification number of even a badge number (whatever your department decides to use).

Each time, from now on, that you start up the suite, it will ask if you are editing, returning to an old case, or if this will be a new case, if a new case it will ask for the new case number.

Now you are ready to go.  The application has divided its applications into three groups:  Tools, Calculators, and Evidence..

Within the Tools Group you have the following:  A Caliper, Level, DOA Notes, Officer Audio Note Taker, and Documents (reference materials such as; Miranda, probable cause statement, Field Sobriety Tests (3), Weapons Identifiers (4sets), pupil size identifier.

In the Calculator Group you have:  Skid Mark calculator (to find Minimum Speed, YAW speed, and Friction factor) and a Blood spatter Trajectory calculator.

Lastly, you have a group for Evidence gathering.  This group includes two jpg folders for pictures (one pre-scaled folder and one scaled), two video folders (again one pre-scaled and one scaled folders), also a Field Contact Report & Audio recorder for taking witness/victim/suspect statements.

The Program Outputs are grouped as follows:  Evidence Folder files include - both sets of JPGs - both sets of video files (MP4) - all FCRs.    Follow-up Information Folder files include - all outputs from calculators - DOA notes, Officer Audio notes.

ALL EVIDENCE FILES ARE METAFILE TAGGED AUTOMATICALLY so they can be used in court.  The metafile includes the agency ID, officer ID, case number, GPS location, date and time the picture was taken.

Downloaded Files:  All Evidence files as well as the DOA Notes, Audio Notes, and calculator files are downloadable and will be in the following formats:  Pictures - JPEG, Audio - MP3, Video - MP4, other files are a combination of these and text - txt. Cost is $99.00