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Do you recognize the number that just called you? Was it a telemarketer or someone calling to tell you that your long lost relative passed away and left you a pile of money? Download Phone Sleuth now to figure it out before you return the call! It's free!

Phone Sleuth is a handy utility to help you learn a little bit more about the last person that called. Whether you received a call on your iPhone and want a little more info, or you need some help determining if you should return a call you received on a different phone line, Phone Sleuth will attempt to match the number you enter against known numbers with available location information.

As an added benefit, Phone Sleuth will also check the number against known telemarketing numbers, giving you a heads up that you probably don't want to return that call! You can even view a map of the location down to the city and street! Finally, once you decide that the number is a legitimate caller, you can initiate a call right from within the app. What more could you want? All that and it's free!

Cost - free