About Our Rentals

About Our Rentals

Learn about our updated Lake Sunapee rentals program & fleet offerings.

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How does it work?

We offer daily, multi-day, and weekly rentals on all of our boats. We strongly encourage reservations to ensure that we have the boat you want locked in for you. We require payment in full to hold your reservation in our system – allowing you to show up, grab your boat and be on your way without having to fumble around for a credit card or cash.

What happens if I need to cancel my reservation?

You have up to 14 days before your reservation to cancel and receive a refund of your payment minus a $100 processing fee; if you have to cancel within 14 days of your reservation, even if it’s due to poor weather, you can either reschedule for a later date during the current season or you forfeit the payment.

Unfortunately, payments cannot be transferred to the following year.

How old do I have to be to rent a boat from Goodhue?

We require all operators of our boats to be 21 years or older.

Does Goodhue offer any sort of discount for multi-day bookings?

Yes! This is a little new this season: we offer an incentive to book multiple days on our rental boats. You’ll save up to $25/day when you book between 3-6 days. If you book 7 days or more, you’ll save up to $50/day!

Does Goodhue offer insurance for boat rentals?

Unfortunately we do not offer insurance for our rental boats. We always recommend checking with your auto insurance or credit card company to see if they offer protection. We make sure we go over all operations of the boat including a thorough chart briefing prior to departure; we’ll point out known hazards on the lake and offer recommendations on areas to avoid that might be difficult for boaters to help protect you and the boat.

Do you offer tubing, waterskiing, or wakeboarding packages?

Yes, yes, and yes! We offer them all and most of our boats (those that have 150hp+) are able to tow! Each package costs $50/day but we cap the cost at $150 (3 days) even if you want the package for longer! Each package comes complete with 1 towable (tube, pair of skis, or wakeboard) plus a tow rope and the required lifejackets.

Is gas included in the rental price?

You’ll go out with a full tank of gas – when you return your boat we’ll fill it up and you’ll pay for any gas used during your rental time.

Can I take the boat to another lake for my rental?

Unfortunately, no. All of our rentals have to stay on Lake Sunapee. We don’t offer trailers for them and launch them as needed right on our docks (whew…no need to deal with a boat ramp, right?!)

Can I do a half day rental?

We do not offer half day rentals at this time.

Is the boat I want available?

The easiest way to check availability for any of our rentals is to go to our Online Rental Booking page! You can compare boats, see pricing, capacity, horsepower, and check the availability of the boat for your vacation dates right there! If you’re ready to book, you can do so right there too.

How do I get a temporary 14 day boating certificate?

We administer the test right in our office! It costs $20 pass or fail. It’s a 25 question timed-test, 25 minutes to complete and you need to get 20/25 questions right to pass. We always recommend studying and coming a day before your rental (if it’s required) to take it, as the test can only be administered to an individual once every 24 hours.

Our Policies

We need you to be at least 21 years or older to be the primary renter or to operate the boat.

If you’re renting one of our boats over 25HP the state of New Hampshire requires all operators to have a NH Boating Safety Certificate, or a NASBLA approved boaters license from another state (see below.) Don’t have one? No sweat! We can grant you a 14-day temporary license if you pass an online test at our location on or before the day of your reservation! This is an “official test” that smart people routinely fail, so we recommend you study the New Hampshire Boater’s Guide before giving it a go. It only costs $20 each time to take it, that’s pass or fail.
If you don’t pass it the first time, you’re free to take it again after 24 hours.

All boats are equipped with radios & GPS. We try to keep them in service at all times, but we cannot guarantee they will be operational. This is because of the tumultuous relationship that water and electronics have.

Open flames, grill, or cooking equipment of any type is prohibited on all rental boats.

Each rental boat leaves the dock with a full tank of fuel. Once the boat is returned and refueled the renter is responsible for the amount of fuel consumed during the rental time.

Any cancellation made more than 14 days before the reservation date will result in a full refund less a $100 processing fee.

NH State Rules and Regulations / Licensing Requirements

Every person operating our rentals are required to have a Safe Boater Education Certificate to comply with New Hampshire boater education law. To obtain a certificate, you must successfully complete a boater safety course or equivalent exam. Take the exam online at www.boat-ed.com or call 1-888-254-2125 for the next boater safety course in your area. This certificate must be carried onboard.

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