About Our Rentals

About Our Rentals

The water is calling…are you ready for the adventure? At Goodhue Boat Company, our rental program provides boaters with easy access to a fantastic fleet ready to provide options for fun on the waves. Read on to learn more!

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How the Goodhue Boat Company Rental Program Works

At Goodhue Boat Company, we know that time on the water is always time well-spent. Our rental program provides the flexibility boaters deserve when it comes to creating a customized outing. We’re proud to offer options that include daily, multi-day, and even weekly rentals to fit your plans. Our online reservation system allows boaters to pick their preferred boat and pay in full at the touch of a button. When your reservation and payment are complete, all you’ll have to do is show up at your designated time and hop on board!

Age Limits for Renting a Boat at Goodhue Boat Company

Boating is always a thrilling experience and at Goodhue Boat Company, we aim to make it just as safe. We only rent boats to operators who are 21 or older.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Multi-Day Booking

Getting out on the water for a single day of boating is always great, but when you reserve a boat for a multi-day experience, you’ll enjoy the benefit of some well-deserved discounts, too. Boaters who book from three to six days can save up to $25 a day while those who reserve a boat for 7 days and beyond can keep up to $50 a day in their wallet.

Insurance Specifics

It’s important to note that when you reserve a boat at Goodhue Boat Company, rental insurance is not included in the booking. Boaters are responsible for making sure they have the proper insurance in place before stepping on board. When you’re looking for options, auto insurance providers are often able to help with boating insurance policies as well.

Fun Extras to Enjoy Beyond Traditional Boat Rentals

There are times when boating is undoubtedly all about adrenaline-pumping fun. At Goodhue Boat Company, our rental packages go beyond traditional single boat reservations. Those that book with us can customize their rental experience to include everything from tubing to wakeboarding to waterskiing!

Booking a boat from our fleet that boasts 150hp or more guarantees a towing capacity that makes for amazing fun on the water. Boaters who are looking to tube, wakeboard, or waterski their way through a single day can book an upgraded package for $50. Each booking includes the tube, wakeboard, or skis you’ll need as well as a tow rope and life vests. Any package booked for three days and beyond is available at a capped price of $150.

Keeping You Fueled Up on the Water

There’s no reason to worry about a thing when you reserve your rental boat through Goodhue Boat Company. Our team will have your boat filled up with a full tank of gas when you arrive, so you won’t waste a single moment of your time. When you’re ready to disembark, we take charge of filling up the tank again, and boaters only ever pay for the gas that was used during their outing.

Traveling with a Rental Boat

Many boaters want to know if it’s possible to rent a boat from Goodhue Boat Company but enjoy time boating elsewhere. While we’re all about boating adventures, we know there’s plenty of fun to be found right here. We require rentals to stay on the water where they’re rented. This makes it simple for us to have boats prepped and ready to go at our docks when guests arrive. It also takes the hassle and risks out of transporting vessels from one lake to another. In this way, we make boating fun, safe, and always convenient for our customers.

Rental Time Options

At Goodhue Boat Company, a full day of fun on the waves is the minimum rental option for boaters. While boaters are free to return their vessel at any time, a full-day booking is our reservation starting point.

Review Our Fleet Online

Booking a boat rental through Goodhue Boat Company means customers can enjoy a hassle-free reservation process. It all begins with prospective boaters taking time to review our available vessels online. Digital browsing means our guests can easily see what’s available during the time they’re looking to visit the marina. It also allows boaters to compare price points and capacity standards before reserving the boat that will bring their visions of on-the-water fun to life!

Marina and Boating Policies

At Goodhue Boat Company, we operate in accordance with regulations and guidelines that are in place to make the boating experience safe and successful. Anyone renting or operating one of our boats must be 21 or older. While all our rental boats are outfitted with GPS and radios and meet strict service standards, there is no guarantee that a rental boat will not experience an operational issue. Cooking equipment, grills, and open flames are strictly prohibited on our rental boats.

Customers renting a boat over 25hp are required to have a New Hampshire Boating Safety Certificate or NASBLA-approved boating license from another state on board. Boaters can obtain a 14-day temporary license by passing a boating test on-site at the marina on or before the day of their reservation. The test fee is $20 for each attempt. In the event the test is failed, it can be taken again in 24 hours. The New Hampshire Boater’s Guide is the recommended study material for this test.

A full refund, less the $100 processing fee, will be offered at Goodhue Boat Company on bookings canceled more than 14 days before the reservation.

State-Specific Regulations

The state of New Hampshire requires every rental boat operator to have a Safe Boater Education Certificate on board. The certificate is obtained by passing the online exam or completing a boater safety course. For more information on safety courses, call 1-888-254-2125.

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